Amani Poppy Blush Rose 2010
Technical Analysis
: Carmen Stevens
Alcohol : 13.00 %vol
pH : 3.26
RS : 8 g/l
Total Acid : 5.8 g/l
Volatile Acidity : 0.41 g/l
SO2 : 101 mg/l
Free SO2 : 29 mg/l
Appellation : Coastal Region
Type : Red

Prague Wine Trophy 2012 - Prague Regional Champion
Tasting Notes
The Amani Poppy Blush Rose 2010 displays a beautiful raspberry red coloring. The first nose is a show of sweet vanilla fused with sun ripe red berries. The second nose has the tangy crispness of lime that flows into a spearmint- anise expression. Palate entrance is subtle then opens-up to a sweet raspberry taste with a tangy lime covering around the berry flavors. The delicate balance between the crisp element and the sweet, gives this wine an overall inviting appeal.
Food Suggestions
Serve very chilled
In The Cellar
Only free-run juice was used in the production of the Poppy Blush. The sweet juice was inoculate with a pure yeast culture and fermented at between 13° - 15° C. The cold fermentation ensures that the pure fruit quality of the varietals are preserved and expressed in the bottle.

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