About The EnviroWines Concept

Sustainable production refers to production that can be maintained over the long term without harming the environment. In agriculture, this means that the biological systems critical in system functioning can remain diverse and active. Envirowines producers have accepted a holistic approach to wine production, using our natural resources responsibly and thereby ensuring good production over time. By incorporating the Sustainable Vitiviniculture Principles of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the International Federation of Wine and Spirits (FIVS), as well as the South African Scheme of Integrated Production of Wine (IPW), producers can evaluate each step in the production system, including their carbon footprint, thereby assuring they are producing wine in harmony with nature.

EnviroWines can help producers meet sustainability requirements. Those producers that have differentiated themselves from the norm by obtaining an outstanding evaluation score of 75% or more during their annual farm and winery IPW audit may utilise the EnviroWines trademark on their label both locally and internationally.

Producers who implement other certified environmentally friendly practices, including Organic farming, conservation practices such as the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI) in South Africa; ISO 14000,will receive bonus points in the audit system and subsequently make it easier for them to obtain EnviroWines certification.

The goal of EnviroWines is to promote all our producers who are realising the importance of sustainable production and to help those that need guidance in becoming an EnviroWines producer. We believe that our producers deserve international recognition for their special efforts towards protecting the environment. The South African Wine Industry is on its way to become the global leader supporting sustainable wine production. Our producers therefore need to be elevated to the forefront of our global market.

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